Connectivity Matters

Connectivity Matters

Deliver secure, seamless connectivity to the Internet and your network services.

Guests and visitors travel with multiple devices and require a fast, seamless and round the clock Internet access with the same convenience, they have at home. Guest Smart Internet provides seamless connectivity, near gigabit wired and wireless speeds and best in class connectivity. With the ability to create secure Personal Area Networks (PANs) and provide secure controlled connectivity between guest devices and your guest facing devices (e.g. Smart TVs).

Guests expect connectivity they can trust, that delivers to the standard they expect from your brand. It is no longer sufficient for hotels to simply provide a simple internet hot spot for their guests to use.

The Guest Smart Solution provides a best in class managed, network, Internet, hospitality and telecommunications solution for guests, visitors and your staff. As a specialist Internet Service provider with 20+ years experience in building and operating enterprise wireless and next generation networks we use our unique expertise and experience in wireless, hospitality,  service provision and cloud computing to make your service the best it can be.


Fast, seamless and secure centralised authentication (click to read)

Guest Smart provides fast, secure one-time registration and authentication of virtually any guest device across multiple locations. Once authenticated guests can choose from a wide range of easy to manage and configure access packages, and to add devices to their personal account. Once a device is known to the system it will be recognised each time a guest enters the coverage area meaning that there is no need to re-authenticate each time a guest returns to your hotel.

There are a wide variety of authentication criteria such as username, room number, event or group codes or alternatively, devices can be authenticated through a wide range of social media platforms, such as Google, Facebook and Linkedin.

IoT Device Onboarding (click to read)

Seamlessly authentication for guest devices such as baby monitors, games consoles, streamers (e.g. chromecast, and apple TV).

Seamlessly connect, monitor and secure back office systems, and guest facing infrastructures like kitchen management, POS, Dect, VoWLAN, housekeeping, and procurement systems.

Automatically Connect and Engage Guests (click to read)

Delight your guests by treating them as VIPs,  by automatically recognising them, alerting your front of house in time to provide a personal and a digital welcome that will Wow them, wherever they are.

Create Personal Networks for Sharing (click to read)

Deliver the convenience of home Wi-Fi combined with the luxury of your hotel, allow guests to turn their room into their living room, by connecting to your in-room guest facing devices.  Securely sharing movies, files, photos and videos with a uninterrupted connection between their personal devices and your in room devices.


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