by cyberair

BrightSpot® allows you to leverage your Wi-Fi, to present your brand, to promote your product offers, build loyalty and generate revenue from a free service. Creating a digital space that gathers new insights, communicates with your customers via their mobiles and Wi-Fi.

Creating the right amenities, with the right touch, and the right feel is fundamental to presenting your brand and creating that special customer experience and loyalty. Getting to know your customers is not just key to delivering great service it’s a vital part of any business and central to building your brand.


Mobile Engagement
with Social Media Integration

Guests love and trust their mobile phones and their smart devices. They have become their personal window on the world, their gateway to the now and most importantly their gateway to you and the services you provide.


Use location data to capture footfall, and usage data for your amenities and  analytics and evaluate usage to leverage location data to better understand customer profiles and easily create actionable customer segments.



Create Intelligent and Engaging Space and Content

Create intelligent spaces and hotspots, delivering video, and media rich content, customized for the individual and the location, in real time using easy to create dynamic web-apps.


  • Multilingual, email, text and voice messaging to deliver that personal touch.
  • Alerting your team or messaging a welcome via our platform, adding that special touch to your service.
  • App with automated location tracking, geofencing, and activity recognition.
  • Deliver room service,  housekeeping,  electronic newspapers, and magazines or TV straight to/from your guest's own device.
  • Send guests a birthday greeting, reminders or offers via email.
  • Deliver event, or amenities based marketing, and promotions.
  • Understand traffic and guest flows around the venue.
  • Depth monitoring to detect and report security incidents, to ensure the privacy of your guest connections.


A feature rich, future read, service platform that is focused on delighting your guests while deriving the maximum value through operational efficiency, insights and analytics.

The right message, at the right time

Welcome, greet and present context sensitive information to guests and visitors,  promote your amenities and services, deliver seasonal campaigns, provide directories of services  as well as keeping them apprised of events and offers.

Data & APIs

With email, SMS and voice message integration you can keep in-touch with guests wherever they are and use social media to push smarter notifications to enhance loyalty.

Brightspot lets you get to know your customers and takes the guess work out of success, providing mobile engagement that your customers trust, allowing you to identify,  greet, engage, locate and communicate with your customers.


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