Brighter Wireless

Brighter Wireless ®

Management Suite

Allows hoteliers to connect any digital device or service and to correlate, search, visualise and to respond in real time, by intelligently monitoring, capturing and warehousing data from a diverse range of sources.

The Brighter Wireless Management Suite provides a more comprehensive range of real time data feeds than any hospitality management platform of its kind. Delivering fine grained business intelligence and management not only of a the hotel's Wi-Fi, but also of guest device connectivity, guest facing service infrastructure and back office services. Built on our Guestology® cloud, with comprehensive reporting, monitoring and management of any attached device or system.

Ops Centre

The Ops Centre provides hoteliers with an intuitive, multi-user, multi-tenanted and mobile friendly portal, built on our Guestology Data Services. Choose from a range of and pre-defined tools and applications from the applications stack or work with us to define bespoke tools specific for your needs.

The Ops Centre is built not just with network management in mind, but with hospitality, guests and service at it heart, tailored to provide the experience and service that your guests expect. Allowing issues with specific guests and devices to be identified quickly, captured and resolved fast. Ops Centre combines the very best of fine-grained network management with the very best of service management.


Bright Things

Intelligent Agents, that integrate almost any 3rd party system or service with the Platform, delivering smarter, and more guest aware services. BrightThings are our software agents, Apps and Widgets, enabling communications in real time with virtually any attached device or external data source. These agents enable services that are integrated and interactive and connect with external data services, such as POS, CRM, IoT Sensors, PMS and much more.

Brighter, Smarter, Wireless

High availability carrier-grade Wi-Fi plays an increasing role in delivering the experience, lifestyle and service that is required by today’s guests. This is because of the increasing number of devices, the range of new and existing on-line services and ever increasing demand for flawless connectivity, not only from guests but also from the hotel's infrastructure, plant and systems.

Proactive Cloud Monitoring, Network & Service Management

Monitor, probe and interact with every asset, device and node to capture every alarm, event, and movement 24/7 to deliver comprehensive insights into service issues and respond intelligently to them. This is linked to our ITIL-based service platform allowing us to support and respond rapidly to service-affecting incidents before they become emergencies.



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