Cyberairs ‘AppyFi and Brightspot deliver first GDPR compliant WiFi.

Cyberairs ‘AppyFi and Brightspot deliver first  GDPR compliant WiFi.
Well, of course there are many commentators talking about the potential headaches of complying with the legislation.


With their extensive experience in the hospitality industry and the issues it faces have actively acknowledged the challenge presented by GDPR and have risen to that challenge.

For one thing, to help ensure compliance they provide a means, both within the spirit and the word of the legislation to grant users not only the ‘right of access’ to the information a  company holds on them but though the use of WiFi they are signed up to, a portal to actively engage with that data and update marketing preferences, permissions and any other granularity desired.

This Portal Will:

  • Allow: one to see all one's personal information held, by it name, email address, gender, data of birth, whatever is desired.
  • Give: a complete breakdown of all activities they have participated in with the business upon which data is held. This could include venues visited, services they have availed themselves of, marketing communications they have been a recipient of. Total transparency and visibility.
  • Provide: complete control to the individual as to how that data is used. While not necessarily required by the regulations it certainly works within the spirit of them by granting complete transparency to the user in controlling what marketing communications they may wish to be party to, who they may wish to receive communication from.  It provides for more trust between a customer and a business as to both the security of the data held but also what may or may not be known about them.
  • To: ensure compliance with GDPR legislation Cyberair have updated their privacy policy to ensure that those logging into a Cyberair WiFi solution  have ‘unambiguous consent’ through an easily digestible Ts & Cs piece thus making informed consent truly that - Informed (and not so onerous as to be skimmed over if read at all)

Although Cyberair have always been compliant in spirit and fact, even before the legislation came into force, they are delighted to formalise this and bring further into the light of day solutions which will help the hospitality industry to treat GDPR, not as a headache but as an opportunity to provide a better service to their guests and of course through this maintain and improve revenues all the while in compliance with tightening legislation.


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